Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Become a Better Person

There are many steps one can take to become a better person, but my personal favorite is adventure racing, or in my specific case, Spartan Racing. People will call you brave or tough...but mostly a nut job. What sane person would scale mountains in the blazing heat, carrying sandbags anyway? I mean really, how common is, “Hey Meg, what are you doing Saturday?”  “Oh just leaping over fire and carrying logs, and yourself?” And better yet, why? What’s the point? That is my favorite question, so here is my answer:

Character- Nothing is more humbling than being convinced you’re the Hulk and failing an obstacle. Hey, I might be small but the Hulk is somewhere on the inside...or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself.
Family- As in you literally pried your brother or sister kicking and screaming off the couch to race with you, or bonded with fellow racers along the way, the courses make you a family. Families who sweat together stay together! Unless your sweat smells particularly bad, then they might just meet you for coffee later that day.
Strength- Obstacle and adventure racing will test you to your limits mentally, physically and emotionally. This means that the guy or girl with enormous muscles at the gym that intimidates you (although you would never admit it) might not be a better racer than you. It takes a special type of strength.
Fitness- These races will get you into the best shape of your life, guaranteed. Maybe try a zombie run, nothing motivates a person to run faster than the undead.
Meet people- It’s a great place to make new friends with quality people. Plus, if you are looking to date, everyone is in shape and almost always friendly. Wow, I’m basically the new eharmony. Invite me to your wedding- I’ll have the chicken please.
What it’s really about- Ropes, mud and mountains are just the physical representations of the obstacles of life. The races are really about empowerment and knowing, that “If I can bear crawl on muddy, jagged rocks under a pit of barb wire, I can do anything.”

Races make you an overall better person as well as serve as a source for great stories, great motivation, and hey, nobody looks bad in a medal.
Curious? Check out a short video for Spartan Races.
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