Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 Things College Teaches You (and then some)

  1. Money
Unlike the Sims games, there is no cheat code for unlimited money. While I probably just revolutionized your entire Sims game with this knowledge, I unfortunately did nothing for your real life (unless I did, in which case you’re welcome). In college you learn that you have to cut back on unnecessary spending (goodbye crepes) and put that money towards the textbooks that your professor said you needed, but you probably won’t even open.
  1. Its Hard
Yeah this might SOUND obvious but no no really. Adjusting to a new space with new people, learning to coexist with someone who starts out as a stranger, realizing everything you learned previously is pretty much irrelevant...and worst of all...adjusting to the food *ominous horror music*
  1. FOOD
No college food is going to be home cooking, so as long as you can at least be mentally prepared for that, you should be okay. But bringing tums along anyway...couldn’t hurt.
  1. Your parents are undervalued
I don’t care how old you are, you will always need your parents in some capacity, even if you’re “super independent and too cool for that”. Also they usually cook pretty amazing meals, so try to hoard their food in your refrigerator at school.
  1. Genuine people are undervalued
The people that matter are the ones that don’t complain when you blow your nose for hours when you are sick (shout out to my roommate), the people that help you carry your things when they become too much-both physically and metaphorically (wow #sodeep), and the friends you stay in touch with that you don’t get to see. Hang onto those people, they are the real gems in life.
  1. Get involved
There is no better feeling than walking down campus and being smiled at all day long. I know the whole ‘get involved!’ thing sounds so jaded, but that’s because it helps you meet more people that end up really helping you out. Getting involved will introduce you to incredible people who will drive you to your hair appointments or bring you sunscreen because you are too pale to function. I am so pale that I am Olaf and without getting involved and making friends, I would be a very red Olaf right now.
  1. Gym is life
Exercise is a great stress relief and will help boost your mood as well as your grades too! Don’t skip the gym because you “Don’t feel like it and had a long day”. Freshman 15? No thanks.
  1. Sleeeeeeeeeep
I don’t know why staying up past midnight was ever ‘cool’. If you manage to sleep in college, people will literally throw you a parade. Like, congratulations! Good for you! Teach me your ways! And when all else fails: caffeine.
  1. Networking
This will save your life. Talk to everyone, always be kind and learn from them. See what you can do for them. College is the ultimate networking opportunity so do not pass that up.
  1. Everything comes to an end
The most important thing I learned is that life will go on. Your ten assignments due today will be a great accomplishment tomorrow. That awful professor you have right now? He will be gone next semester. The year will end, people will graduate, and soon enough you will be a real functioning member of society *gags*. But realizing early on that everything ends will help to value the moment and live to your potential. So as you move through life, whether you have yet to tackle the big bad place they call college, are in my shoes, or have graduated long ago, always remember: Carpe Diem- seize the day.

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