Sunday, September 10, 2017

8 Ways to Repurpose Old Textbooks

College is apparently the time for purchasing grossly overpriced textbooks that you may or may not ever use. Let me help you with that! Here are 8 ways you can immortalize the overpriced pages of hell.

  1. Smash Bugs
I have chased plenty of bugs around my room with a big ole book.
  1. Seat booster
For the vertically challenged. You know how it is.
  1. Coaster
Like to entertain? This is the coaster for you! It can fit up to 10 cups and has at least 500 pages to buffer any spill from your table… order today!
  1. Working out
Don this bad boy on your next workout and the extra weight will have you prepped for the heavyweight champs in no time.
  1. Diet Coach
Just put it near your favorite snacks and you’ll find yourself not even wanting to go near it! Bikini season made simple.
  1. Life Coach
Hey, your life might suck right now, but keep your book around to remind yourself it sucks a little less because you don’t have to read it anymore.
  1. Kindling
Ah, there is no time like the summer/fall or a bonfire. Break out the marshmallows, gather some friends, and watch your enemy go up in flames. The book I mean...
  1.  What you actually bought it for

Oh yeah, I guess that could work too.

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