Monday, August 10, 2015

4 Reasons You Are Unhappy

This was actually really sad...I typed in “Why your…” into Google and the second result that came up was “Why your life sucks”. Okay Google, okay. Apparently this is a problem, so I’m going to help. *Puts on glasses and clears throat*

Smiles- You probably don’t smile enough. Studies have proven that you can actually trick your body into being happy by just smiling, that’s it!!! How cool is that? As my psych teacher always preached, “fake it till you make it”.

Thoughts- Thoughts translate into actions. Unfortunately not the ones about meeting Channing Tatum..apparently (or at least not yet), but even the way you think about yourself and others can dictate how you act outwardly. Ya know how when someone starts talking about Chipotle and you’re like “Dammit Carl, now I want Chipotle!” Case closed.

People- Are your friends stressing you out? Maybe. Is your significant other aggravating the crap out of you? Probably.
People are like chocolates. Some are the really good, crisp kind, and others are the chocolates that were left out in the car during a hot summer day that get EVERYWHERE. Don’t settle for car chocolate.

Perspective- I just recently went through the biggest attitude adjustment of all time and these past few weeks have been the happiest of my life, despite getting my face ripped open lol (see “What Surgery Taught Me”). You can cry because your face is the size of a small nation and hurts like hell, or you can happily sing (scream), “Can’t Feel My Face” post op like I did.

Moral of the story, it takes a little extra work to change your entire world. They say there are two sides to every story, and I think that counts for events as the question is, which side will you choose today?

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