Monday, September 18, 2017

Lazy Girl's Guide to Looking Cute

Honestly, looking cute takes a lot of effort and that I don’t have. Naturally I needed to find a hack to this so that I could look like I put some ounce of effort into my appearance. My gift to you:

Body Suits- Body suits are honestly just the gift that keeps on giving. Sure, you have to literally get naked if you want to use the bathroom, but the other 97% of the time that you’re not peeing, they serve as simple and put together staple in your wardrobe. Simple, easy, and it looks like you might have actually tried.

Vests- Let’s be honest, vests are everything. You literally do NOTHING special...nothing, yet you look put together. Plus, they’re warm, comfortable for fall, and some have pockets. I loveee me some pockets. Like that moment you’re wearing a cute dress with pockets and someone compliments it, and your automatic response is, “Thanks it has pockets!!!”

Shoes- I’m pretty convinced that a pair of booties can fix anything. I once wore a plain sweatshirt, jeans and booties, and received at least 4 compliments. Isn’t that the dream? Minimal effort high reward. Say no more.

Accessories- Jewelry can make even a t-shirt and jeans a cute ensemble. Whether you’re using it to incorporate a pop of color or just need some sort of detailing, it’s one of those easy ways to make it appear like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.

Hair- A gal in a rush hardly has time to do her hair and with the afro that I was blessed with, that is a hard pass for me. I just straighten the tops of my hair to make it smooth which takes a whopping total of 5 seconds and maybe maybeeee put an anti frizz cream in my hair if I’m rushing, but going somewhere important.

If my hair is looking all sorts of freaky, I put it up in this cute little do like this

Makeup- A little makeup can go a long way. With a few dabs of concealer under your eyes and some mascara coated & curled lashes, you’ll be looking fresh and awake even if you crawled home at 2 am from a bar. It’s fine...nobody can tell…
Nails- I never really put that much stock into nails, but you don’t have to go to the salon every other week to look put together. I feel like the bar is even as low as not having horribly chipped, brightly colored polish on your fingers. Even naked nails with some semblance of a smoothed out shape can make you look like a more clean cut version of yourself.

So throw together one, two, or a combination of these elements to achieve the ultimate lazy girl’s guide to looking cute. I just consider this a more effective way to fake it through the day...but don’t worry, I won’t tell your secret.

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