Monday, September 11, 2017

7 Natural Headache Remedies

As a particularly wound and type A individual, I am prone to headaches. But no, they’re not just regular headaches, they’re the type that put pressure on the back of your eyes, make your skull ache, and mentally paralyze you for the following hours. Side effects may include an attitude.

Because they happen too frequently for me to be popping pills constantly, I decided to get a little more creative in my approach and managed to boil my methods down to these solutions:

Peppermint Oil- Peppermint oil has a really fascinating cooling effect on the skin that helps with cramps and headaches. It’s kind of like a natural and less aggressive pine tree-smelling Icy Hot. I dab it on my temples and wipe it with a cotton pad like a headband across the top of my forehead and it is glorious.

A little of this goes a long way, and within 3-5 minutes of application, I feel transcended into a headache free world and feel like my brain is being massaged by angels. Yes, that description was both dramatic and creepy..I’m quite a talent.

I picked a up a bottle from Harmon Face Values for about $6. To be honest, it smells disgusting, but it really gets the job done and that’s all I care about. This bottle will also last you forever and a day.

Water- Sometimes headaches can be caused by dehydration and exhaustion, so chances are that a nice big glass of water could help your case. Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work, but at least you’re hydrated and reaping the hundreds on benefits that drinking water has.

Scrap the Screen: One of the biggest cause of my massive headaches are my screens. Whether I’m staring at my phone for hours or banging away at my computer keyboard for work, I’m constantly staring at a bright, glowing, 2D experience. Try taking a few breaks, or switch any note taking/work to paper for an hour or two a day. It could do you wonders.

Showers: A lot of the time, my headaches are caused by the unnecessary amount of stress that I put on myself, and a hot shower is what I need to literally melt away my pain. I’ve also heard of a lot of people taking baths and using types of aromatherapy salts and bath butters to help, but I’m more of a shower gal myself.

Scents: My boyfriend got me these stress relief aromatherapy products from Bath and Body Works for Christmas and I’m honestly obsessed. I hate smelly smells if that makes sense, but these scents are so light and airy, yet still potent enough to be soothing. Definitely would recommend giving these a whirl.

Exercise: Sometimes a good workout will help to clear my head. If the pounding of your legs against unforgiving pavement makes your mind reel, try a session of yoga. Not only are you able engage every muscle in your body, but your focus will slowly and gently clear your mental state into something less hostile.

Naps: When all else fails, go the hell to sleep. Need I say more?

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