Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer City Essentials

As you know from by Instagram, I worked full time in Manhattan this summer which meant some long ass hours and an equally long bus commute. If nothing else, I like to be prepared, so it’s surprising that I’m just short of having a zombie apocalypse kit in my bag. But if I were...comment on my Instagram at what you would suggest. Anyways, here are my summer NYC must haves.

Hydration:  I always try to carry water in my bag because the summer sun can be pretty unforgiving. I also try to hydrate the outside of my body, using Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment. The polluted city air has not been kind to my skin, but this mask clears my face and leaves me hydrated for my trek. This was truly a godsend.

Tip Top Footwear:  I brought two pairs of shoes with me every day- one to walk a mile to work in, and the others to wear at work all day. Don’t try to look cute if you know the shoes are going to make you run (hobble) home crying at the end of the day, be smart and know how far you’re walking.

Food: And not just because I get hangry easily. A quick snack in any city could suddenly have you breaking the bank- so planning your meals for the day and bringing all of the munchies for in between can really save you time and money.
Maps: If you ask my family and friends, they’ll tell you I’m a neurotic planner, BUT having a preloaded map on your phone could save you a lot of time, frustration, and data. This way you can quickly check for your destination or see what cool places might be around you. Life is better with preloaded maps.

A Charger: My worst fear is getting stranded in the city because my phone died, so I always bring a charger along with me, or if I know I’m not going to have access to outlets for a while, a little charging stick. They’re seriously a lifesaver whether you’re on the beach or pounding the pavement. 10/10 would recommend.

In the end, cities can be a great time, and they can be even more great if you’re not dehydrated in your worn out shoes, hopelessly lost with a dying phone. Take my word for it. Best of luck in your travels and feel free to share your best travel tips @TheDayILived

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