Friday, August 25, 2017

The Most Basic Social Media Posts by Season

I feel like most people if not all frequent instagrammers have been guilty of at least one teeeensy weeeeensy post that was just a little, oh I don’t know- “basic”. I hate that term, but for the sake of the article, go grab your PSL lattes and let’s get down to some basic business.


Ah the spring. The birds are singing, the shorts are prematurely being broken out, and your social feeds can be found packed with snapchat stories of the new highest temperature of the season, the first spots of grass poking through ice, or filled with bikini spring break pictures.

It’s not that the spring breakers want to throw in your face that they’re somewhere tropical while you’re dealing with a cold and moody weather system but- oh wait, yes that’s exactly what they’re doing  #NeverLeaving  #TakeMeWithYou


Speaking of #NeverLeaving, I feel like that’s easily one of the most common summer hashtags for vacation season. Prepare yourself for endless instagram posts of bikinis on the beach followed with captions saying, “Life’s a beach”  “Never leaving”  “Needed some vitamin sea”

You might also sea pictures and videos of your friends with fishbowl drinks and staying out all night whilst you bitterly sit at work all day. (I’m not jealous...I swear...)


If you didn’t post a picture in a pumpkin patch, did you even go pumpkin picking? Fall is by far the best season (fact) for it’s food, the cute outfits, and “snuggle weather” as you will most commonly see on Twitter. I’m serious- try going online in the fall and not see a fall inspo collage of pictures relating to food or large sweaters. I’ll wait.


The winter is easily my least favorite season for both the uncomfortably cold air and all of the social media that comes along with it. For starters, if even a few flakes drift from the sky it is on every single person's’ snapchat story as if it doesn’t do this every year.

Let’s also not forget that despite it being called the “spring semester” for college, it is very much a winter semester, and when greek recruitment typically happens, so brace yourself for the intense bombardment of squats, crafts, and nonstop Greek puns.

Fast forward and we are onto New Years with it’s sparkly glittery grandeur, then shampoo, rinse and repeat for the next 20 years.

So, which season are you the worst culprit of? Are you a PSL and spiced chai lover, a “sandy cheeks” on the beach with a margarita, a spring dress sportin, somehow allergy resistant  anomaly, or a demon who finds a way to enjoy the cold of winter? I’m not biased.

Own up to your guilty pleasure in the comments of my Instagram or Twitter, or better yet, publicly call out your friend for their posts. Out of love of course.

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