Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Art of Eating Alone

Eating alone is super weird...right? Don’t you just feel like soooo bad for that person sitting alone over there?

While I was in Europe, I was introduced to the art of eating alone and fell in love. I don’t mean eating every meal, I’m not a loner sociopath, but every few months I’ll go out by myself for a little me time.

Since eating is typically a social activity, it can be perceived as pretty strange when you spot someone at a table for one, but it also has the potential to be one of the most rejuvenating meals you’ll have.

You can take your sweet time
For some reason, I eat much slower when I’m alone, which is something I actually noticed by accident. I’ve never felt consciously pressured to eat quickly, but when I’m alone I focus more on what I’m doing and savoring the moment, like I described in my article “Say Hi to Hygge”

You don’t feel pressured
There’s nobody to judge the way you eat, what you order or the pace you eat. There’s no need to keep up a conversation, try to impress someone, or worry how you’re splitting the check. Sometimes a treat out with no expectations or explanations is just what you need.

You get shit done
What do you mean you ‘get shit done’? You’re just eating.

Yes, well it turns out that showering is not the only place where your great thinking (and great singing voice might I add) can come to life. It’s pretty hard not to come up with good ideas over a large bowl of pasta- really.

It builds independence
My first meal alone had me incredibly nervous and did not happen by choice. I was worried people would judge me, think I had no friends, or worse- got ditched, but once I was able to move past that, I had such a relaxing day. Now I feel more free to go somewhere alone if my boyfriend is busy and my friends aren’t in the mood for Mexican food. Honestly, who isn’t in the mood for Mexican food???

Now, I feel the need to reiterate, I’m not advocating anyone totally abandons ship and starts eating every meal alone! Nothing can beat a coffee date with your best friend, a date-date with a cutie, or Sunday dinner with the family...but in all the chaos that life can and will throw at you, it’s important to make a little extra time for yourself. And pasta...definitely pasta.

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